One Pan Chicken and Lemon Orzo

Ok, this recipe is EPIC, if I don’t say so myself! It’s super zingy and would actually be perfect eaten outside on a sunny day, but it works just as well in the winter because it is delicious! It’s full of bright flavours but it also feels decadent and rich – the perfect balance! The…

Potato and Haggis Gratin

Just in time for Burn’s Night, I’ve teamed up with the guys at Albert Bartlett to create an alternative, easy and delicious recipe for you with their super versatile rooster potatoes. Known for their deep, russet skins, the potatoes are such good all-rounders, so I knew they would work perfectly in this rich, Scottish-themed gratin….

Jerusalem Artichoke and Truffle Risotto

Jerusalem artichokes might be one of my favourite vegetables, and I think they are really under-rated, probably because a lot of people aren’t sure what to do with them. Well, here’s where I come in! They don’t look particularly appealing, but the flesh inside has this incredible earthy flavour that I just love, and it…

Black Pudding Carbonara

Is there anything that you cannot do with black pudding? I’ve made burgers, pies, bon bons… and now, I’ve made something that would shake a true Italian to their core, Black Pudding Carbonara. Made with the finest black pudding from the one and only Donald Butcher’s, it is what I’m going to call Scottish-Italian fusion….