Movie Night Magic on a Budget

Paid Partnership with Price Runner, all views and content my own

I’m fairly certain everyone has that one room in their house that they just don’t know what to do with. For the past three years, that room in MY house was our spare bedroom on the top floor. It’s also the biggest room in the house, but up until recently, it has been used as a storage room, although there is a single bed if guests are visiting.

It has always felt like a bit of a waste. Boxes of miscellaneous items untouched since we moved in, but that we can’t quite bring ourselves to throw away, a spare bed that only gets used a couple of times a year (although, after a pandemic, it’s lucky to have been slept in at all these past 18 months) and a lot of wasted potential.

Part of the reason we never bothered to make a start on the room is because we figured it would cost a small fortune to get everything we needed and to source all the items we ideally wanted to put in the room. Enter PriceRunner, a website and app that allows you to compare the prices of every day items, from furniture, TV’s and tech, to BBQs and barware.

I decided it was time to kit the room out and transform it into the perfect space for a movie night, because lets be honest, we’re all sick of our living rooms by now, aren’t we? Through PriceRunner, we were able to completely re-furnish and accessorise the room on a budget that suited us. We found the perfect sofa bed for the room, that still meant we had room for guests but looked stylish and sleek. We added features that would enhance a movie night, like a bar area and mini fridge to rustle up some cocktails, and a projector, so we could feel like we were out at the movies in the comfort of our own home.

Being able to price compare the different items made life SO much easier for us, and it stopped us from spending more than we absolutely had to. We were able to Kit Out the perfect space for us on our ideal budget without compromising on the look. Yellow and navy is just a dream colour combo, isn’t it?

To complete our ideal movie night, I obviously had to create a couple of recipes, didn’t I? An easy cocktail that pairs perfectly with a girls movie night, and some loaded pulled pork nachos, made even easier by using a slow cooker! I’ll be sharing the full recipes on the website soon, but for now, you can check the pulled pork one out on my Instagram here.

If you fancy checking out PriceRunner, you can head to the website here. Or, if you like what you see in these photos, you can check out the items on my Movie Night Wishlist here.

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