Sesame & Peanut Noodles

I love the flavours of sesame and peanut, especially when paired with a kick of chilli and some lovely soft noodles, so this sesame and peanut noodle recipe is a real winner in my eyes. This is a great healthy lunch option, packed full of veggies, and can be eaten either hot or cold.

Veg wise, you can choose whatever you like, I’ve chosen carrots, broad beans and peppers for a bit of crunch. I’ve added some chicken here too for a bit if extra protein, but you could leave that out to keep it veggie, or even add some grilled halloumi instead!

Sesame & Peanut Noodles

Ingredients (serves two)
1 large chicken breast
0.5 tbsp olive oil
0.5 tbsp garlic paste
0.5 tsp chilli flakes
Juice of 1 lime
2 tbsp smooth peanut butter
2 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp honey
1 tsp Thai red curry paste
1 tsp crushed ginger
1-2 tbsp water
250g rice noodles
1 carrot, ribboned
1 yellow pepper, thinly sliced
Handful of broad beans
Spring onions & sesame seeds, to serve

1. If adding the chicken, place the breast between some click film and bash with a rolling pin to 1cm thick, then marinade in the olive oil, garlic paste, chilli flakes, and the lime juice. Cover and leave to chill for at least an hour.
2. Meanwhile, to a blender, add the peanut butter, soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, curry paste, and crushed ginger and blitz. Add the water to loosen slightly and blend again, then set aside.
3. When ready to cook, heat a little oil in a griddle or non-stick pan and fry the chicken for five minutes on both sides until cooked. Set aside and keep warm, and put a large pot of salted water on to boil.
4. Put the noodles into the boiling water and, if using, throw in the frozen broad beans, and cook according to packet instructions. Drain and put them back into the pan along with the carrots, peppers and the blended sauce. Stir over a low heat until evenly mixed. Slice your chicken and add to the pan.
5. Divide between two bowls and top with the spring onions and sesame seeds and ENJOY!

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  2. Nourish says:

    We love sesame peanut noodles! It truly is a delicious pairing!

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