Review: Rollo Edinburgh

Last Saturday, along with millions of other people across the UK, I ventured across to Edinburgh so I could take my mum and my *unofficial* Aunty Mags to see the masterpiece that is Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

Intoxicated by the joyful, nostalgic ABBA music, my companions and I were in need of sustenance, so we headed across to Rollo on Broughton Street for dinner and drinks. Rollo actually started out in Stockbridge but garnered so much popularity amongst Edinburgers (not the official term I know, but who cares) that they were able to open a second site, conveniently located just minutes away from the cinema.


The newish location has a very similar feel to the intimate space in Stockbridge, but at the same time feels roomier, with tables at the front and back of the restaurant and a bar slap-bang in the middle. We got out of the cinema a little early, but the staff were very happy to accommodate us while we waited a brief ten minutes for our table to be cleared.

Still on a post-Mamma Mia high, we naturally started off with some cocktails, my mum and I both opting for ‘The Darling’, which consisted of vodka, Chambord, raspberries and prosecco. I could have drunk about five more of them they were so sumptuously sweet and fruity, but instead we did the grown-up thing and ordered a bottle of white for the table.


The menu is broken down into four sections: bites, bowls, plates and sides. The bites are smaller dishes that are generally ordered as starters, while the bowls and plates offer a wide selection of main course options. Most of the dishes don’t come with any accompaniments, so it’s best to order a couple of sides for the table to share.

Mostly because I am incapable of resisting, I naturally had to order the haggis bon bons with whisky marmalade to start, which, as delicious as they were, I later came to regret due to the fact that they are so darn filling! I mean it’s haggis, so I should have known that, but as always, my eyes were bigger than my stomach! The portion looked dainty, with four bon bons surrounding the whisky marmalade, and the combination of meaty, rich haggis with a perfectly crisp coating and the sharpness of the marmalade is, obviously, an absolute dream. Next time though, I think I’d get the portion to share!



If you know me at all, or if you’ve read previous posts of mine, you’ll know that my weakness is pork belly. I mean, we even had it as the main course at our wedding! I just love it, so if I see it on a menu, it’s getting ordered! Rollo’s pork belly dish was served with roast apple crown and a red wine and garlic jus, which is quite a heavy dish in this heat, but I didn’t care. The pork was just as it should be: meat falling apart, skin crisp and crunchy. The roasted apple added a lovely sweetness and the jus was rich and moreish.

Sides wise, between the three of us we probably went a bit overboard, ordering their hand cut chips with aioli, sweet potato chunks with rosemary, pumpkin seeds and honey, and courgette wedges with crispy pancetta and a lemon parsley butter, because we needed to order at least one actual vegetable. This was, unsurprisingly, far too much food, although all three were delicious, but I’m ashamed to admit we left a fair bit behind.



By the time our mains had been cleared away, we were all feeling pretty full after devouring our delicious meal. I’m gutted as I missed out on the dessert I really wanted to order: chocolate tart with praline ice cream and ‘chocolate goo’. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Want to hear about more Edinburgh spots? Got a restaurant you think I ought to visit? Let me know! Leave a comment or come say hello on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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