What’s in my Trolley: June 2018

I feel very smug this week…mostly because my mum and dad are currently in Corfu where it is overcast and windy, and here we’re basking in beautiful sunshine and an average temperature of about 26 degrees! But anyway, we’re not here to talk about the weather! We’re here to talk about what I’ve been buying this month, and it’s a real mix of sweet and savoury. Take a look…

Nigella Lawson’s At My Table


I don’t care what anyone says, I love Nigella. Say what you want about her, but her recipes her damn good. They are the epitome of home cooked comfort food and are usually as fuss-free as possible, so you can enjoy the experience of cooking without getting flustered. I got her latest book, At My Table, for Christmas and I’m slightly ashamed to say I only just got around to cooking one of her recipes a couple of weeks ago. I chose one of the first recipes in the book: Turkish eggs. Garlicky yoghurt is spooned into bowls and topped with a poached egg and melted butter flavoured with Turkish Aleppo chilli. Served with thick slices of sourdough, this is a substantial and very special breakfast dish to get stuck into.

Celino’s Cannoli


I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Italian delis for sourcing my sweet and savoury treats, and this month I’ve got a serious cannoli addiction. Celino’s (both in Partick and on Alexandra Parade) provide these crispy, creamy sweet treats in a range of flavours and sizes. My first taste was of their miniature pistachio ones, but now if I stop in I go for the full size. They have perfect, crispy shells and are filled with sweet ricotta cream. The pistachio flavour is my favourite, but they also do traditional or Nutella, which are not to be scoffed at!

Morrisons Lobster Tails


Ok so I know I should be championing small businesses and food producers, but while on a desperate hunt for langoustines one day after my local fishmonger ran out, I came across these raw Canadian lobster tails in the freezer in Morrisons and just had to try them out. At £10 a pop they’re not cheap, but great for sticking in your freezer and bringing out when you want something special. I served them with fillet steaks and had homemade surf and turf for dinner one Sunday night, and for shop bought shellfish, they were pretty good!

Sugarsnap Chocolate Bars


Beautiful, hand crafted chocolate bars in a range of natural flavours? Yes please! If you’ve seen her social media, you know that Annette makes the most stunning chocolates, all from top quality ingredients and natural flavourings. To celebrate reaching 2,000 followers on Instagram recently, she put up a special 20% off deal to celebrate. As soon as I saw this I was straight onto the website to order some of those carefully crafted chocolate bars! I opted for the Halen salted caramel, the hazelnut bar, and the Madagascan galaxy bar and honestly, just LOOK at them!

That’s my trolley for June – what’s in yours?

Check in every month for my latest ‘What’s in my Trolley’ feature to get the latest recommendations in foodie products, baking equipment and more!

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