The best hangover food in Glasgow

It’s no secret that in Glasgow, we like our booze. Be it whisky, beer or Buckfast, we know how to have a good time, but come Sunday morning, most of us are feeling a little worse for wear and in need of a serious pick-me-up. Lucky for us, the streets of Glasgow are brimming with restaurants and cafes ready and waiting to fulfil all your wildest hangover feast fantasies, whether that’s a classic fry-up or a greasy burger. So whether you were living it up on Sauchiehall Street, having one too many cocktails in a beer garden or just enjoying a bottle (or two) of wine at home with friends, here are some of the best places to feed the hangover beast in Glasgow for when a bottle of Irn Bru and a bacon roll just won’t cut it…



One word: poutine. Need I say more?  Ok, I’ll say a little more. A bowl of crisp chips, soft cheese curds and thick, luscious gravy…trust me, your hungover self will thank you for a visit to Bread Meats Bread. Skip breakfast (you’ll be asleep until about midday anyway) and head straight for lunch. If you don’t fancy a poutine, there are plenty of delicious burgers, fried chicken or grilled cheese sandwiches to fill up on. If you want something sweet, order one of their 12oz milkshakes, or just go all out and order yourself a schooner of beer. You can also get orders to takeaway, so if you can’t stomach a crowd, take your food to go and eat it from the comfort of your own sofa/bed/bathroom floor.



There might be places popping up all over Glasgow vying for the title of best breakfast, but Café Zique still holds its own. Located in Partick, this busy café is great for a classic fry-up, with homemade potato scones, eggs your way, delicious sausages and Puddledub bacon from Kirkcaldy. If you’re more into sweet breakfasts, the French toast with bacon and maple syrup is a wonder to behold – honestly, the slices of bread are as big as your face – or go posh and order the eggs benedict.



Does your hungover self crave delicious, fluffy pancakes? No problem. Head to Pot Luck on Nithsdale Road for the biggest, fluffiest, stackable pancakes (or ‘hotcakes’ as they call them) you’ve ever seen. The peach hotcakes with pistachio kulfi and ‘pashmak’ (an Iranian candy floss) are one of the prettiest plates you’ll ever see, but the lemon, ricotta and blueberry option is ideal if you don’t want your dish quite so toothachingly sweet. There are savoury options too – opt for the chilli pork with cheddar and jalapeno hash browns if you like a little heat, or the breakfast greens packed with goodness from mushrooms, broccoli and spinach, all topped with a poached egg.


bloc loaded fries

Alright, time to get trashy again. If you want something more diabolically delicious than a fry-up, head to Bloc+ on Bath Street. They’ve got some of the best vegetarian burgers and hot dogs going, and enough loaded fries to make you question your cholesterol levels. This is the ideal spot if you want trashy food that tastes amazing. Let the trash steak or the mad mac nourish and revive your hungover heart, and if you’re feeling brave, finish it off with their famous Buckfast ice cream.


paesano2 (1)

Close that Dominos pizza app right now and step away from your phone. If you’re going to feed your hangover with pizza, do it right: do it at Paesano. The buzz of the restaurant on Miller Street is bound to wake you up, and the wood-fired pizzas will go down much better than a mass-produced, greasy takeaway. My favourite is definitely the classic number 7 with Tuscan fennel sausage, but the number 4 with spicy salami is also a great option. If you don’t think you can handle the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, you can always order your pizza to go, but you’ll probably have devoured it before you get back to the safety of your own home.




Want a hangover cure that will make you feel like a million bucks? Why not try Hutcheson’s ‘bubbles and brunch’?  £50 will get you and your best hungover buddy a bottle of prosecco, freshly squeezed orange juice, freshly baked croissants and a choice of two classic brunch dishes. The dishes on offer cover all your bases, from brioche French toast with peanut butter, bacon and maple syrup, to avocado, lime and chilli with poached eggs (on toast, naturally). By the time the two of you have polished off that bottle of prosecco, you’ll be ready to take on the world.



Do you like ice cream? What about ice cream sandwiches? And what about French toast? If you’re still nodding along, then you need to get your sorry arse to Gnom on Pollokshaws Road for their French toast ice cream sandwiches – yes, you read that correctly, breakfast miracles do happen, and they happen at Gnom. Choose from either chocolate, caramel and banana or lemon sherbet and blueberry and watch your eyes widen as these plates of joy are placed in front of you. For savoury options, go for the pork belly breakfast bao or the stuffed pide pizza.



If French toast ice cream sandwiches aren’t your thing (I’m sorry, how could they not be?!) then maybe Singl-end café is for you. With two locations in town, Singl-end specialise in fresh ingredients and flavoursome breakfasts that are ideal hangover fuel if you want to nourish and not punish your body. Their take on eggs benedict is a joy: two poached eggs on a stack of roast sweet potato, spinach and red onion with an avocado, cashew and tarragon ‘hollandaise’ with your choice of bread.


I could go on listing places to feed your hangover, and if somehow none of the above quite tickle your fancy, here are a few more options for you. If you want the famed Scooby snack without trekking to Maggie’s truck in the middle of the night, then Celino’s will be happy to oblige – for those of you not in the know, it’s basically a fry-up in a roll. If you’re craving a meat feast, then DogHouse has all the brisket, pulled pork and beer can chicken you could ever need, while El Perro Negro provides some of Glasgow’s most famous burgers.

If you want something a bit more special, Café Strange Brew offers one of the best breakfasts in town, constantly changing their menu and offering specials to reflect the best in season produce. Similarly, Partick Duck Club offers brunch with a twist, with 24-hour short rib beef eggs benedict and pulled duck leg hash with fried duck egg featuring on their all-day menu. Don’t worry, Glasgow’s got your hangover covered, you got this.

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