Five Easter eggs worth splashing out on…

Somehow, if you can believe it, Easter weekend is upon us, which means it’s time to stuff our faces with overpriced egg-shaped chocolate, right?! It’s true, you can get an Easter egg for cheaper than a decent chocolate bar in some supermarkets, but what if you really want to treat either yourself or a loved one?

I’ve searched high and low to find five Easter eggs I really think are worth the extra cash if you’re looking for something special. I’ve sourced most of the collection from small UK producers who hand finish every egg and are definitely worth supporting, though I’ve also included a couple of household names too. Take a look…



Handcrafted in Glasgow, these stunning eggs come in different sizes and can be made in a chocolate of your choice. Choose from Tanzanian 75%, Madagascan 65%, Orange 55%, Ghana 40%, Blond or White, all of which are carefully hand painted with a galaxy design and filled with Artisan bon bons and other treats. Starting from £25.00, they won’t break the bank, but they may get broken in transit, so they’re collection only from the West End of Glasgow. Find out more here.


dippy egg

Heston’s partnership with Waitrose has brought us many incredible confections, and this egg is no eggception! This egg is 65% dark chocolate, coated in a thin layer of white and painted to look like a real speckled egg. Inside, the egg is filled with blue milk chocolate eggs filled with sea salt caramel, as well as a pile of edible soil made from cacao nibs, freeze dried passion fruit and white chocolate shards.


lick the spoon.jpg

I first discovered Lick the Spoon when my brother bought me their chocolate salami, and I was curious to see what their Easter range would be like. I’m especially excited about this Emerald number, which is flavoured with pistachio and sesame. The 45% milk chocolate shell is studded with toasted pistachios and sesame seeds, accompanied by six pistachio caramel chocolates. Priced at not-unreasonable £24.95, it’s hand finished with a beautiful henna design unique to each egg. Buy it here.


hc patisserie.jpg

I absolutely LOVE the Patisserie sleekster from Hotel Chocolat, so who could resist all my patisserie favourites sitting inside an extra thick chocolate egg? One half of the egg is made from 50% milk chocolate with pecan praline, while the other half evokes the flavours of a salted caramel cheesecake, with caramel chocolate, yoghurt and a pinch of salt. At £27.00 it’s not cheap, but this beast should last you for weeks! Order it here.



By the title of this egg, you may think you’re getting cheated out of chocolate, but don’t worry, this half egg is generously filled with a range of mixed chocolate shards and a handcrafted Easter bunny. Based up in Newtonmore, I came across Alba Chocolate at the Loch Lomond Shores farmer’s market one year and have loved them ever since. If their truffles are anything to go by, this egg will not disappoint! The egg comes in at £22.00 and all you have to do to place your order is drop them an email and they’ll get you sorted! Find out more here.

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