What’s in my Trolley: February 2018

I’m technically a day late in posting this, but it snowed a lot yesterday, so I blame that…or something! This time it’s all about indulging and treating yourself to little things that make you happy. Take a look at this month’s trolley…



I spotted this one day when I was doing my regular grocery shop and I just had to buy it. It’s basically a raspberry coulis that’s mixed with a little gin, designed to be added to prosecco, and it’s delicious. It won the Great Taste awards in 2015 and comes in two flavours: raspberry gin or blackberry brandy. I found mine in Tesco next to the fizz, but you can order them online here.



eat up

This book has a lot to do with why this month’s theme is all about treating yourself, is that is a huge part of what Ruby Tandoh’s new book is about. It’s all about rebuilding a positive relationship with food, focusing less on fad diets and bad eating habits and more on what makes us happy, whether that’s a healthy salad or a bag of mini eggs! You can buy it on Amazon here.




So as some of you may know, Sam and I recently went to St Lucia on our honeymoon, and ever since we got back, we’ve missed the vibe and the flavours of the Caribbean. We brought home a jar of Baron Jerk Seasoning, which we hoped might match up to what we had at our hotel, and it really stands up. It’s smokey, flavoursome and VERY spicy, it is not for the faint-hearted! It’s also made in St Lucia so you can’t actually buy it here, but you can buy this one which is quite similar!




I was in Edinburgh recently, and after drooling over their doughnuts on Instagram, I decided to visit Baba Budan on East Market Street to try them for myself, and boy, are they epic. I loved them so much I went back the next day for more. Their flavours change daily so there’s always something different, but I recommend the lemon curd or the white chocolate and raspberry, if they’re available.

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