Review: McPhabbs Bottomless Brunch

We love our brunch in Glasgow, and what could be better than a bottomless one, where you can eat your fill of as many small plates as you like for a fixed price? That’s what McPhabbs offer with their bottomless brunch, and it is a wonder to behold – and yes, I’m aware I’m a little behind on the times with this, but it was worth the wait!

The premise is this: your reservation lasts for two hours, and to start with, each person orders three dishes. Once you’ve finished those first three, you can order another dish, and you can keep going until either you’ve had your fill or your time runs out. The cost of this all-you-can-eat extravaganza is just £17.50, with bottomless filter coffee or tea costing you an extra couple of quid. There are also brunch cocktails on offer if you’re feeling fancy.


The menu changes every time they run the offer, but generally you can expect around 8-10 small plates plus a range of breakfast rolls, so plenty to get your teeth stuck into. I started off savoury, choosing the buttermilk fried chicken waffle with hot sauce and maple syrup, fried egg with truffle, rosemary and parmesan hashbrowns, and N’duja & tomato on toast with avocado. Now doesn’t that sound like an epic way to start your day?

The plates arrived and I was immediately taken in by the fried egg & hash browns. The eggs were perfect, with silky, runny yolks drizzled with truffle oil, and the hash browns were perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with the savoury, cheesy flavour of parmesan. Next up was the n’duja toast, which, from the picture, doesn’t look like much, but flavour-wise, it was one of my favourite dishes. There was heat from the sausage, coolness from the avocado, and sweetness from the tomato.


Next up was the buttermilk chicken waffle. I was really looking forward to this one and it looked and smelled fantastic, however I have to say it was probably my least favourite dish of the day. The flavours were spot on – I loved the mixture of the hot sauce and the maple syrup – but the chicken was very dry and overcooked. I wondered if because our booking was later in the day, the chicken had been prepared earlier and reheated for us, as both me and my buddy Ailsa had the same problem. On the plus side, although I didn’t order it, I can attest to the fact that the black & blue beans – baked bbq beans with black pudding and a blue cheese crumb – were delicious. They were also quite heavy though, so beware of them filling you up if they’re on the menu!


For my next plate, I opted for something sweet: cinnamon french toast with poached blueberries and cherries. The toast had a lovely crisp cinnamon coating but was still fluffy inside, and the sharp sweetness from the poached fruit went beautifully with it, but I would have liked some consistency in the portion sizes. When I ordered it, I only got one slice of toast, however when Ailsa ordered it a few dishes later, she got THREE?! The staff claimed the normal portion size was two, so somehow I got short changed there!

Four dishes in I was getting pretty full, so I decided my last dish would be the lighter honey nut granola with banana caramel, chocolate & almonds. This might not sound all that special, all those other hot options and I chose granola, but it turned out to be one of my favourite dishes of the day. The banana caramel was stunning; sweet, sticky, and just a delicate but not overpowering hint of banana. The chocolate & almond spread was rich and nutty, and it was just super satisfying.


All in all, the bottomless brunch experience was a very enjoyable one and I loved being able to try so many different dishes in one sitting. The highlights for me were definitely the fried eggs with hash browns, the n’duja toast and the granola. At £17.50, it’s great value for money, especially if you can handle more than the five dishes I got through, and there’s great variety across the menu.

The next McPhabbs bottomless brunch is on the 17th and 18th of February – book your table and see how much you can eat!

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