What’s in my Trolley: January 2018

I skipped December’s edition of What’s in my Trolley because Christmas and New Year kind of got in the way, but it’s back now and this month filled with some pretty indulgent treats, because who needs diets? Take a peek…



I love pistachio, and I’ve been wanting for quite some time to try my hand at making my own pistachio ice cream at home. I’d been told by a couple of chef’s that the secret to their delicious ice creams was pistachio paste, so I set out on a mission to find some and recreate the magic at home, and it turned out brilliantly – read the full recipe here. It is pricey, but it works brilliantly, and the tub will last you a long time. Buy it here.




Yes, you read that right. A few years ago, my brother bought me this as a Christmas present, and I loved it so much he now gets it for me every year. I don’t think words can truly describe how incredible this stuff is, it’s nutty, chewy, rich, chocolatey, everything you could hope for in a luxury chocolate bar. Again, it’s pricey, you can buy it online for £9.95, but I make mine last for months, just nibbling a little bit at a time, which takes some serious self control!




Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you’ll have noticed the supermarkets these days sell a lot of high protein snacks and treats for all the health buffs out there, and new to the scene is Halo Top, a high protein, low sugar ice cream. I know what you’re thinking, it must taste rubbish, but this stuff holds its own. It’s obviously not as sweet as regular ice cream, but it’s got bags of flavour. So far I’ve tried the Mint Chip and the Cinnamon Roll, both of which hit the spot for me, but there’s also salted caramel, peanut butter, and of course, cookie dough. They’re currently available in Tesco.




Yes, it’s that time of year again, blood oranges are back in season! These red-fleshed oranges have a real sharp flavour and are fantastic to bake and cook with, or squeeze for tangy fresh juice. A few years ago I made a blood orange cheesecake with them, but I’m now using them in savoury food too, like stir fry sauces and marinades. Most supermarkets don’t tend to sell them, but try checking in your local greengrocer or farm shop, they should be available throughout February.

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