What’s in my Trolley: November 2017

Well, it’s the 30th of November, which means not only is it time for this month’s What’s in my Trolley, it’s also officially acceptable to be excited about CHRISTMAS!!! Not even kidding, I have taken a full day off work tomorrow, so I can spend the 1st of December decorating the house, watching Christmas movies and putting up my tree!  My trolley this month is definitely reflective of my excitement as we head towards Christmas as it’s filled with wintery treats….



It was one of my top foodie advent calendars for 2017, and it arrived on my doorstep just a few days ago. It did come with a slightly extravagant price tag, but it’s being counted as a Christmas present from the husband, so I don’t feel quite as bad, plus I bought him a beer calendar in return! I can’t wait to crack open the first window tomorrow and pull out that wee bottle of fizz, because in December, every day is a celebration apparently! I’ll keep you posted on what the quality of the fizz inside it is like, and if it was worth foregoing my usual chocolate calendar. Buy it here.



I don’t care what you say, Nigella Lawson is one of the most likeable TV chefs anywhere in the world, and her new At My Table series brings joy to my Monday evenings. I love that she uses her spiralizer to make deep-fried curly fries and that everything she cooks, even if it’s something I normally wouldn’t eat, looks so damn appetising. I’ve asked for her new recipe book for Christmas, but until then I’ve been re-reading the ones I already own: Nigella Bites and Nigella Express. I find reading recipe books incredibly therapeutic and Nigella’s are definitely no exception!



One of my go-to snacks when I want something sweet but don’t want to over-indulge is a square (or two…or three) of high cocoa dark chocolate, usually around 74%. Normally, I stay away from flavoured or infused dark chocolate because the cocoa content is much lower, but Green & Blacks have come to the rescue with their Velvet Edition range. The new range of 70% dark chocolate comes in four different flavours; plain dark, raspberry & hazelnut, salted caramel and mint. So far I’ve tried all of them except for the salted caramel, which I will no doubt get round to very soon. They are a perfect blend of bitterness and sweetness – the raspberry & hazelnut is particularly good!



If you didn’t drink mulled wine in the winter, did it even happen? There is something so comforting about a warm glass of mulled wine, and I’ve had such a craving for it this week. Back when I was at University, my flatmate Ailsa and I went through bottles of the stuff one winter, we just couldn’t get enough! It’s always so reasonably priced and it’s so warming and sweet. Honestly, what could be better than sitting in front of the fire, Christmas lights twinkling, a Christmas movie on your TV, and a mug of mulled wine in your hand…?

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  1. Angela says:

    A brilliant idea to take the day off to start the season right! My tree has been up for almost a week and has about 5 ornaments on it so far LOL. Obviously, I am not feeling it this year!

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