Review: Singl-end

I’ve been meaning to visit Singl-end for such a long time, so last Saturday, which was incredibly dreary, I headed there for brunch. Unfortunately, the place was absolutely packed, which is a good thing for the café, but not so good for a hungry person like me, accompanied by my German shepherd, Juno.

We were told we were looking at a forty-minute wait for a table for two, or we could brave the cold and sit outside if we wished. We decided despite the grey skies, it was just mild enough to sit outside, plus we were hungry, so that pretty much clinched it for us.


We were brought menus and immediately ordered some fresh mint tea to keep us warm. The staff were incredibly friendly and attentive, and never forgot about us despite us being outside the hub of the café itself.

Inside the café, it’s much bigger than I imaged, with an industrial feel to it, exposed brick mixed with bright purples and blues, an open kitchen and a cake table to leave you drooling. Cake stands and platters are balanced on top of cook books, and the table is literally brimming with tray bakes, cakes, scones and pastries – it’s a serious feast for the eyes!


Before I hit the cake stand though, I wanted some hot breakfast food, so I opted for the Singl-end Eggs Benedict – poached eggs on a stack of sweet potato, red onion and spinach, with a cashew, avocado and tarragon ‘hollandaise’, alongside your choice of bread. I went for the sweet potato and almond bread, along with a side of roasted cherry tomatoes.

Despite the buzz of people inside the café, we didn’t have to wait long for our food, and I was impressed by the generosity of the portion. The sweet potato and almond bread was, obviously, on the sweet side, but slathered in butter it was soft and delicious, perfect for soaking up the avocado sauce.

The eggs were perfectly poached with a runny yolk, and I really loved the sweet potato and red onion, it made me feel like I was having a really indulgent breakfast without all the extra calories! The cherry tomatoes added a lovely freshness to the dish and I was really glad I ordered them as they went really well with the rich egg and avocado sauce.


One of the great things about Singl-end that keeps people flocking to it, is not only is it dog friendly, it provides one of the greatest selections of gluten free or vegan dishes I’ve seen on a café menu. The same is true of the cake stand, with a number of bakes gluten or dairy free, which means the celiac, lactose intolerant, or vegans of your gang don’t need to miss out.

By the time I had finished my eggs, I was surprisingly full, but I didn’t want to miss out on the cake, so naturally I decided to buy a couple of slices to take home so I could devour them at my leisure. I opted for a slice of the chocolate Guinness cake with baileys icing, because chocolate Guinness is the best cake ever invented by anyone ever, and a slice of the chocolate and coconut cake. Both of the cakes were stunning – the chocolate sponge on the coconut cake was dense, fudgy and rich, and the coconut filling was delicious, and naturally the Guinness cake was amazing because it always is.

For the two cakes to takeaway, fresh mint tea and eggs benedict it was a reasonable £17.50, and I can’t fault the attentive service or how accommodating they were to us despite being sat outside. I will definitely be back – maybe on a less busy day so I can sit inside, I think we’re getting beyond the point of outdoor seating now, don’t you?


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