Five of the best tapas spots in Glasgow

Ever since tapas became part of British culture, restaurants across the UK have been adapting this sharing style to their own kitchens.  From Indian Tapas to Italian, everyone has had a go at this new style of eating, and Glasgow has certainly taken in the trend.  Here are my top picks of the best spots in Glasgow to get tapas-style treats…



Still one of my favourite restaurants in Glasgow, Ox and Finch does elegant dining in a tapas-style setting. The menu is split into six sections – Snacks, Raw/Cured/Cold, Seafood, Meat, Vegetables and Desserts – and changes seasonally so there are always fresh dishes and flavours.

Make sure you try… The Slow-Cooked Pork Belly with Capers and Golden Raisins – the menu changes often, but this one often makes an appearance in some shape or form.


Horn Please Facebook

Relatively new to the Glasgow restaurant scene, Horn Please takes Indian cuisine and gives it a modern twist, with innovative dishes and cooking styles, in a pick and mix setting, where every dish is small and intended for sharing.

Make sure you try… Grilled Venison with Cashew Sauce and Crispy Mushrooms – lovely rich meat and delicate, crisp mushrooms make this a flavoursome and indulgent dish!




Mexican tapas? Yes please! Having recently established new locations in both Edinburgh and Aberdeen, Topolabamba’s menu is really extensive and filled with the classic dishes as well as some more unusual options that seem more traditional.  They also have a delicious range of margaritas so you can cool down after all that spicy Mexican food!

Make sure you try… The Stuffed Chimmichangas, go for the Beef if you can handle the heat, but the shredded chicken is a slightly milder option.


Cubatas Facebook

A mixture of classic Spanish tapas, alongside a mixture of more British style dishes, Cubatas offers affordable and tasty sharing dishes. The extensive menu offers plenty of variety, as well as vegetarian dishes to suit everyone’s tastes.

Make sure you try…Pork Cheeks in Red Wine – if you’d told me a few years ago I’d be recommending pork cheeks, I’d have laughed, but after trying them a few times now, I’m in love!


Arta Facebook

Finishing off with some classic Spanish tapas, this restaurant has some of the most beautiful decor of any in Glasgow – especially the picturesque courtyard! If you haven’t done much tapas before, try the Arta Tapas Experience menu and dive in.

Make sure you try…Breast of Pigeon wrapped in Serrano Ham with Thyme-Roasted Potatoes – do I even need to say more?!

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