Review: The Hyndland Fox

So, it’s been a while! The past couple of weeks there has been a LOT going on; I got married, we went to Prague on a mini-moon, and my big brother got engaged! Lots to celebrate and lots of distractions! But I’m back into the swing of things now and starting off with a little review of brunch at The Hyndland Fox!

I visited the Hyndland Fox about a month ago, on a particularly dreary Sunday, with an aim to use a delicious brunch to cure a minor hangover. Despite it being a bank holiday weekend, we managed to get seated quite quickly and we were left to look over the menu, and my eyes immediately went to the French toast, mostly because my hangovers tend to send my sweet tooth into overdrive.

The décor of the restaurant is a style that is appearing more and more these days: exposed bricks, wood panelling, and industrial style lighting, all of which I actually like, but I feel like I’ve seen it before. There are added touches to this west end spot though, like ivy garlands tastefully hung around bannisters, and blue and white tiling adding a pop of colour.


I’m guessing because it was a busy bank holiday Sunday, the staff were struggling a little, and suffice to say, the service we received showed this, as it was on the slow side. We ordered drinks – a couple of coffees and two smoothies – and it was a good fifteen minutes or so before they arrived. Facing the bar, I also noticed that the smoothies were kept in batches in Tupperware, and simply poured into glasses when ordered, rather than being made fresh. This obviously saves on time, but because the smoothies are left sat in the fridge, the colour of them when they arrived at the table was somewhat…grey. Thankfully, they still had good flavour and the colour, though off putting, didn’t get in the way of the taste.


When our food arrived, I noticed immediately how much larger Sam’s full Scottish breakfast was compared to my French toast, although one thing I did appreciate was the ratio of bacon to French toast, which I find so many places don’t get right. The French toast itself was lovely and soft, and doused in maple syrup and salty bacon, it was the perfect mixture of savoury and sweet, I just felt the portion was a tad on the small side, but maybe that’s just me being greedy?

Sam noted that he would have liked more than one sausage on his breakfast, and our dining companions, who had eaten there before and raved about the breakfasts, were also both a little disappointed. The food we had was tasty, but I walked away still hungry, and I had to stop in at The Bakery to fill myself up.


It wasn’t a bad experience, but I think the staff were run a little ragged by how busy it was, and we felt we didn’t get the service or the food had we been there on a midweek morning. Saying that, the fact that the place was so busy means they’re obviously doing something right, as there were people queuing to get in the whole time we were there. I think next time I’ll opt to visit on a weekday evening, as they have a great sounding ‘Fox After Four‘ menu on offer (there are scallops on it, so I’m sold), but maybe I’ll give Sunday brunch a miss…

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