Review: The Bakery by Zique

This will probably be quite a short and sweet post, as we really just popped in and out, but I just felt like I had to write a wee something about Café Zique’s latest venture, The Bakery by Zique. Located on Lauderdale Gardens in Hyndland, this little bakery has popped up to keep regular customers happy following the closure of delizique to transform it into a brand-new restaurant – who can’t wait for that day?! So, one wet Sunday, I decided to pop in and treat myself to some cake, because, well, why not?


Despite being a small space, the team have certainly made the best of it. The stylish all-white décor makes the room seem very bright and open, with the left wall filled with freshly baked bread and local organic free-range eggs. To the right there is a fridge with salads, meals, dips and more to either sit in or take away, and along the counter, plenty of freshly baked cakes and desserts to choose from.

The collection included classics like shortbread, chocolate chip cookies and brownies, and there was even a sample tray of freshly baked raspberry and passionfruit muffins, which were super fruity and fresh. I decided to treat myself to two items, a Pistachio Financier and a Passionfruit and White Chocolate Cheesecake from the fridge display under the counter (which also included a stunning looking strawberry shortcake).


I’m a huge pistachio fan these days, so I was super excited to try their financier, and it did not disappoint. It had a beautiful, rich, nutty flavour and a soft, delicate sponge which had a crisp exterior. I would have eaten about three more. My cheesecake was also delicious; the disc of passionfruit jelly on top had a real fruity punch to it, which perfectly cut through the richness of the white chocolate cheesecake underneath, and of course, it was finished with a buttery biscuit base.

If I thought I could have eaten the whole loaf that day, I would definitely have taken home a loaf of bread from their display, as they all looked and smelled incredible, but it’s the kind of bread that needs to be eaten that day, and that’s a LOT of carbs in one go!


The staff at The Bakery were all very friendly, and I loved that you could see directly into the kitchen, where the bakers were constantly creating new treats to be displayed and devoured. I was glad that we took our cakes to go though, as there was a £1.00 charge on every item to sit in.

I honestly feel like the Zique team can do no wrong when it comes to their incredible food and flavours. I’m so excited to see how the new delizique restaurant pans out!

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