Review: Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen

Ok, I firstly need to apologise for the slight lack of content that’s been going up on the blog of late. My wedding is now less than three weeks away and I’m so busy trying to get everything finished and also trying to save money to pay the bills that eating out has kind of gone down in my priorities!

However, on Monday, Juno and I met Sam post-stag do for a big of lunch at the Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen on Ashton Lane. With bars in Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Dundee, these guys are really taking off, and after hearing good things about the food at the Edinburgh location, I was curious to try their latest venture on Ashton Lane.


It was pretty quiet, being a Monday, and we were quickly greeted by a member of staff who took us to a booth, gave us menus and brought us a bowl of water for Juno. We sat in the main downstairs bar area, as I believe the restaurant on the second floor is only open for service at dinner.

The ground floor area has a really laid back, relaxed vibe to it, with lots of distressed wood, leather chairs and booths, and the microbrewery at the back of the bar is visible for guests to see. At our table, there was an extensive list of which beers were on tap, although unfortunately this was a little lost on the beer drinker of the two of us, who’d had a little too much at his stag do in Berlin!

The menu during the day is their combined Brunch & Lunch menu, offering a small selection of breakfast dishes alongside their lunch menu of small plates, main courses, salads and more. Sam decided he needed a hangover cure and opted for ‘The Works’ breakfast, which consisted of all the usual suspects. I decided however, that my eyes were mostly drawn to the Starters and Sharing section, unable to decide between the Halloumi Fries, Chicken Satay, Scotch Egg, or Poutine.

I decided to try the Scotch Egg and the Poutine in the end, both of which came served on wooden boards, the Scotch Egg accompanied by their beery brown sauce. The Scotch Egg meat was made of Innis & Gunn sausage and a really crisp, crumb coating. The egg was hard boiled and I have to say I would personally have preferred it to be soft, but the flavour in the egg was absolutely delicious and the brown sauce had a great tang to it. For being a relatively small dish, it was also surprisingly filling, which I appreciated! The meat encasing the egg had a really distinct and delicious flavour, and the crumb wasn’t too heavy and had a great crunch to it.


Sam’s breakfast was a generous portion, made up of ‘Innis & Gunn Original’ sausage, cured bacon, Macsween haggis and black pudding, grilled mushrooms, tattie scone and eggs done however you like – it does normally come with tomato and baked beans, but Sam always asks to have his breakfast without them!

The Poutine was a generous sized portion, the chips were fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside, but the dish was missing the jalapenos that were stated on the menu, and the gravy was a little lacking. It was a little on the thin size, and was described as a ‘rich stout gravy’, but I didn’t really get that beery, meaty flavour from it. I think next time I would opt for the Halloumi Fries, which are topped with satay sauce, sriracha, peanuts and fresh chillies, because doesn’t that sound epic?!


Our bill came to a very reasonable £24 including our drinks, and I can’t fault the staff or service. Our waiter was incredibly friendly and courteous, regularly checking in on us to see if we needed anything. Every member of staff we encountered was friendly and polite, and the service was quick and efficient, and Juno got plenty of attention from them! I think I’d definitely like to go back, there’s so much on their dinner menu I want to sample!

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