Review: Kelbourne Saint

There’s nothing more comforting than a Sunday Roast. Yorkshire pudding, roast meats, lashings of gravy…my mouth is honestly salivating just thinking about it, so last Sunday I decided to pop in to the Kelbourne Saint, to see if their roasts were all they’re cracked up to be.

This relatively new restaurant is slightly out of the way on Queen Margaret Drive, but there is something incredibly charming about the outside appearance of this building, and once inside, it gets even better. The interior of the main restaurant is decked out in deep wood, brown leather, and brass finishes, with an incredible illusion sky painted across the ceiling.

As I had Juno with me, we were guided through the restaurant to the Beer Garden to our table, which I admit scared me a little as the weather wasn’t all that nice! Once outside however, we were seated at an adorable restored garden shed, fully fitted with benches, cosy blankets and pillows, and a heater in case you get chilly. Honestly one of the cutest additions to a beer garden I’ve seen – I want a shed now just so I can turn it into one of these little snugs!

Juno was given a bowl of water and we were told the roasts of the day: Chicken or Pork, both of which came complete with all the trimmings. To my disappointment, the menu I had seen on the restaurant website, which featured a three-course meal (including a roast option) for £15.95, wasn’t available, it was just the standard menu with roasts on as the specials. I had thought this was a great deal in terms of value for money, so was a bit sad that it wasn’t on to be honest!


The staff were incredibly friendly and regularly checked in on us to see if we needed anything, and even told us the ‘Doggy Meal’ of the day – a Chicken Hash made in their own kitchen with fresh ingredients, made specifically for your furry friend and costing £3.50. Naturally I ordered one for Juno along with our food order!

For my starter, I decided to go for the Moroccan Spiced Pulled Pork with coconut and lime cream, while Sarah opted for the Tuscan Tomato & Bread Soup. The dishes – along with Juno’s doggy meal – were served pretty quickly, and although my pork may look like a small portion, considering I had a full roast coming my way I was pretty happy with it.

The pork itself was perfectly spiced, with just a hint of heat, balanced out by the cooling coconut and lime cream. The meat itself was tender and definitely whetted my appetite for my next course. Sarah’s rich, tomato soup was drizzled with balsamic and croutons, served with bread and butter, and smelled incredible!

The roasts were served on huge plates, along with a jug of gravy between us. I’d gone for the chicken, which consisted of a large breast quarter, a big hunk of Yorkshire pudding, roast carrot, celeriac and two massive roasties – a true thing of beauty. The chicken was incredibly tender, there’s always a fear when you order chicken that it might dry out, but this was perfectly moist and juicy. The celeriac and carrot still had a bit of bite to it and were perfectly seasoned, the roasties crisp on the outside and beautifully fluffy on the inside. The Yorkshire looked incredibly dark on top, but it didn’t taste burnt and the crispness of it added a bit of texture to the dish, and underneath it was soft and supple, perfect for sopping up the meaty gravy.


I had really hoped that I might have been able to try a dessert, but I couldn’t even finish my roast there was so much on the plate, so we ended up just asking for the bill, which came to just under £20 each. For two courses and two soft drinks, including an incredibly generous roast dinner and a meal for Juno, I was more than happy to pay that amount. The staff had been attentive and friendly the entire time, they were great with Juno and more than happy to go the extra mile to make their doggy customer happy. I will 100% be back.

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