Review: ShrimpWreck

If you’ve been to any decent street food event in the past six months, you’ve probably come across the incredibly popular ShrimpWreck, who specialise, as the name suggests, in seafood street food (try saying that ten times).  At the Big Feed, they still have one of the longest queues, and they were a huge hit during their stint at Taste Buchanan, but there’s never been a set location to pin them down at – until now!

The ShrimpWreck guys have teamed up with Bourbon bar in Edinburgh to create a permanent home, where you can sample all their dishes in a comfy seat while sipping on a range of cocktails. It may be based in Edinburgh, and as much as I would prefer a Glasgow setting, I decided to pop into their launch day last Friday, where they were offering all guests a whopping 50% off their food as an introductory offer.

The bar itself has a very relaxed vibe to it, with a mixture of cosy booths and high bar stools, deep blue wall paper emblazoned with the ShrimpWreck logo, and a bar stocked full of every spirit you could think of. The menu on offer contains all the favourites, including the popular Shrimp Bun, Tacos, and more. I opted for the Fish ‘N’ Chips – the dish anyone claiming to be a seafood specialist must perfect – along with a portion of Salt & Cajun Squid.

The portion of fish and chips brought out was, by all accounts, huge! It consisted of FOUR pieces of battered haddock, skin on fries, mint & chilli mushy peas, homemade tartare, a wee bottle of ‘chippie’ sauce and a wedge of lemon. The batter on the fish was incredibly crisp and the haddock itself perfectly cooked, just flaking away. The chips were incredibly moreish and I loved the miniature bottle of chippie sauce – one of those delights all Edinburgers know and love!


The squid, on the other hand, was a very dainty portion and not much more than a starter, served with sweet chilli & lime mayo. It had a really flavourful coating, filled with salt, pepper and Cajun spices, the squid was tender and the mayo the perfect dip of choice! In hindsight, I probably didn’t need both, but I wanted to sample more than one dish, and I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach!

Drinks wise, there is a long list of cocktails available that you won’t find on your average cocktail list, like Raspberry & Mango Caipirinha, or something called ‘The Ugly Duchess’. The staff were friendly and attentive, and the bill came to a reasonable £14.75, although this was due to the 50% off deal. On a regular day, the Fish ‘N’ Chips will set you back £12.50, which may seem like a lot, but it’s a seriously hefty portion and it’s also the largest and most expensive item on the menu, but unlike the cheaper options, like the Shrimp Bun or Fish Tacos, it comes with chips, which the other dishes require you to order separately.


To be honest, I think the prices are more than reasonable, with the slight mark-up accounting for the fact that this is now a sit-down meal, as opposed to being handed to you at a street food festival where the running costs are significantly lower.

I would definitely say that, if you’re in Edinburgh, ShrimpWreck’s new home is definitely worth a visit!

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