Five of the best Chinese Restaurants in Glasgow

After a recent trip to Ka Ka Lok, it seemed appropriate that this month’s restaurant guide was all about where to get the best Chinese in Glasgow.  Whether you’re looking for more traditional cuisine or the classic Chinese takeaway experience, Glasgow has you covered.



May as well hammer it home, you guys, I adore Ka Ka Lok.  The simple décor, the straightforward service, the wide-ranging menu, from traditional takeaway style dishes to the more unusual delicacies like eel and jellyfish.  There is so much to love about Ka Ka Lok, and if you haven’t tried it already, I suggest you do, you won’t be disappointed.

Make sure you try…The salt & chilli squid and the dumplings!



Literally around the corner from Ka Ka Lok is the tiny Asian Gourmet.  The basement restaurant is quite small, but the flavour in their food is anything but.  Again, Asian Gourmet focusses on traditional, authentic Chinese food, like marinated duck tongue or braised pork trotters, as well as a few takeaway favourites.  Because it tends to be a bit of a squeeze to find a table, Asian Gourmet is ideal as a takeaway option on a lazy Friday night.

Make sure you try…The deep fried pork spare ribs in garlic sauce – need I say more?


Lychee Oriental
Lychee Oriental Facebook

Home to chef Jimmy Lee, Lychee Oriental has won awards for its greatness.  In 2016, it won best oriental restaurant in the Glasgow Awards and Food Awards Scotland, so you know they must be doing something right.  Situated in the city centre on Mitchell Street, there’s definitely a more opulent feel to this place in comparison with other oriental restaurants, and the food certainly holds up to the look.  The menu is extensive and there are great lunch and set menu offers to take advantage of.

Make sure you try…The Chinese sizzlers are great and add theatre, but the twice cooked pork belly is also delicious!


SeeWoo Website

Not entirely central, located between Ruchill and Port Dundas, SeeWoo restaurant is definitely worth a visit.  The supermarket attached to the restaurant boasts some of the best Chinese and oriental ingredients, and the restaurant focusses on cooking authentic food with the best quality ingredients.  You’ll find things on the menu like salt & chilli soft shell crab, plenty of seafood and scallop dishes, as well as all the usual suspects like lemon chicken and sweet & sour pork.

Make sure you try…If you want to go all out, the Chinese luxury meat platter is a great option, with barbecued pork, roast duck and crispy pork belly!


Ho Wong
Yelp Glasgow

If seafood is your thing, then Ho Wong is definitely where you need to be.  Although they serve a whole range of dishes, from satay to sweet and sour, at Ho Wong, the seafood has pride of place.  With a range of dishes including soft shell crab, mussels in black bean sauce, lemon sole in chilli and salt, you can’t go wrong.  If you’re not a seafood fan, fear not! There are plenty of chicken, beef, pork and duck dishes to go around, all with great flavour and served with flare – you’ll be hearing the sound of sizzling skillets all night!

Make sure you try…The chilli and salt scallops. I love scallops and I love salt & chilli squid, so when I saw the scallop option I couldn’t say no!

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