What’s in my Trolley: May 2017

So somehow, it’s the end of May, and with it comes this month’s What’s in my Trolley!  The May edition seems to be mostly about chocolate, because, let’s be honest, chocolate is amazing and wonderful and if I could eat it all the time and not get fat, I would.



I usually keep a jar of Meridean Almond and Coconut Butter nearby for when I have a hunger pang and want something that is healthy and filling, but then Meridean went and brought out what is, essentially, a healthy version of Nutella.  It is SO good and made from all natural ingredients, just unsweetened cocoa powder, roasted hazelnuts, a touch of honey, and coconut oil.  It’s so moreish I could eat it by the spoonful, but I tend to have it with apple wedges for a slightly healthier treat!  It definitely hits the spot when I need something sweet, full of healthy fats and protein, but don’t go nuts – a whole jar at once won’t do you any favours!



Definitely not healthy, but my word, are these chocolates beautiful.  Stacy fuses artisan Scottish produce with the finest chocolate, creating hand-made, colourful and flavoursome chocolates.  The chocolates are made from pure, natural ingredients and the menu changes regularly.  I ordered an assorted box of 15 chocolates, and I could not get over the huge, punchy flavours in every chocolate.  They were so unusual, from tonka bean and sesame, cabernet sauvignon, banana & rum, and more. A box of 15 chocolates will set you back £22.50 but these are really worth it, and you can see the effort and care put into each of these delicate morsels!



Not technically chocolate, Coole Swan makes all other cream liquors taste…well, inferior, essentially.  Coole Swan is an Irish Cream Liquor made from three simple ingredients: single malt Irish whiskey, Belgian white chocolate, and double cream.  That, my friends, is a truly winning combination.  I first discovered Coole Swan at the BBC Good Food Show a few years back, now I make sure I pay their stall a visit and purchase my annual 1 litre bottle of this heavenly drink.  It’s so smooth and decadent, and is great for baking with, from cheesecakes to truffles, although I generally like to just sip it over ice.



My first love in the fudge world will always be The Ochil Fudge Pantry but at a foodie festival recently I discovered the Galloway Fudge Company, who have a range of lovely flavours in soft, sweet fudgy goodness.  My favourite flavours are the raspberry ripple and the chocolate mint, but there are lots of others to choose from including chocolate orange, baileys, banoffee and more.  They deliver all over the UK and as well as fudge, they also sell a range of marshmallows, tablet, macaroons and more!

That’s my trolley for May – what’s in yours?  Check out more editions of What’s in my Trolley here.

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  1. Oh my word, after reading this post I’m gonna have to go get some fudge! Thanks for sharing.

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