Review: DogHouse

You may have spotted my mention of DogHouse in my Five Favourite Dog Friendly Spots post last week, but I thought I ought to share a full review!  I know BrewDog bars are technically a chain, but I appreciate that each of their establishments tend to have their own distinct menus and styles.  This venue focuses as much on its food as it does on its wide selection of craft beer, which is what interests me, as I’m not a big beer drinker.


We decided to try it out on Good Friday, having booked a table as there was a group of us going, along with our dog, Juno.  When I arrived, everyone else had been seated at a long, spacious table in a slightly quieter spot at one end of the restaurant, which suited us perfectly.  The food menus are already on the table, and, although it used to be walk-up, it’s now full table service, which is so much easier when there’s a group of you!

We ordered drinks and tried to choose from the menu of delicious sounding smoked meats and burgers.  I ended up opting for one of the Smokey Sharers, This Little Piggy Ate Smoked Brisket.  At only £12.50, it contained 1/4lb of pulled pork, 1/4lb of beef brisket, as well as my choice of two sides.  I opted for the halloumi fries as well as a side salad in a bid to combat all that heavy food!


With it being a bank holiday, the place was quite busy, so our food took a little while to come, but they kept our drinks flowing and made sure we had everything we needed while we waited, which was much appreciated.  Juno had been given a bowl of water and was getting plenty of attention from the passing staff, so she was being kept happy too!

Our food arrived on metal trays, with a mound of pulled pork in one corner, a slab of brisket in the other, and my sides in individual bowls.  The pulled pork was really tender, but a little bit bland, unlike the brisket, which had a delicious, crisp chilli and salt rub around the outside, and tender meat on the inside!  The highlight on my tray though was definitely the halloumi fries, which were coated in kingpin batter and lightly fried.  They were so crisp, the halloumi all gooey, salty, and delicious inside.  The salad I regret, as it was mostly raw red onion and cucumber, which I’m not a fan of, but I’ll know for next time!


Sam had opted for the same Smokey Sharer as me, however he had chosen to try the “Crack Fries” and oh my word, did he choose wisely!  These were kingpin battered skinny fries, covered generously with cracked black pepper, and served with a cheese dip.  I know it sounds like a heart attack in a bowl, but there’s a reason they are called crack fries – they were so crisp and so unbelievably moreish – Sam was having to bat my hand away from his tray!

Despite how busy the place was, the staff kept a regular eye on us and we never felt forgotten.  Our bill (after Sam’s shareholder discount) was incredibly reasonable as well, with the total including numerous beers only around £15-20 per person.


As well as their main food menu which we ate from, DogHouse have also recently launched a brunch menu, and that’s definitely on my to-do list. I’ve got my eye on the chicken and waffles!

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