Five of the Best Dog Friendly Spots in Glasgow

After my first post last month on the five best places to get brunch in Glasgow, this month we’re going doggy friendly!  As a dog owner, I would much rather be able to take Juno with me to the pub or for a quick bite instead of leaving her stuck at home, and Glasgow is really leading the way in dog friendly pubs and restaurants.

From the East End to the West, there are places all over the city that are more than happy to accommodate you and your furry friend – Saint Luke’s has even launched its own dog food menu!  I personally love taking my dog with me to the pub, she always gets lots of attention from staff and its a great way to relax and unwind after a long walk through the park.  Here are some of my favourite spots to grab a bite with my fur baby…

WEST on the Corner/Green


Whether you’ve just had a nice game of fetch at Glasgow Green or you’ve been wandering through Kelvingrove, both WEST venues offer an ideal watering hole for you and your pooch.  If the weather is nice, WEST on the Green provides an enclosed beer garden where you can enjoy a drink in the sunshine and your dog can snooze on the grass.  At WEST on the Corner you can enjoy their incredible sausage platter, and if you drop any, your furry little hoover will be sure to snatch it up.



There aren’t that many places in the City Centre that you can bring your dog, and to be fair, the hustle and bustle of Buchanan Street can be a bit daunting for the less confident pooch, but DogHouse provides a pit stop to refuel with your pup in the heart of Merchant City.  Whether you’re grabbing a pint of craft beer or indulging in a burger or some smoked meat, the staff are happy to cater to your dog.  A bowl of water is always offered when we bring Juno in, and they even keep a jar of doggy biscuits on hand.



If you wake up on a Saturday morning and have the urge for a Crème Brulee doughnut, but your dog is barking at you to go for a walk, have no fear!  Keep the dog happy with a walk on the grass by Kelvingrove Museum, then simply head across to Old Dumbarton Road and feed your doughnut addiction at Tantrum, where dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome.



Relatively new to the Glasgow restaurant scene, the Kelbourne Saint offers family-style roast dinners with flair.  Have a whole roast chicken brought to your table as your dog stares up at you with those puppy dog eyes, or take advantage of the rare glimpses of Glasgow sunshine with a pint or a summery cocktail in their beer garden.  Their family dining style is the perfect setting for young kids and playful dogs, so bring the whole family down and enjoy some roast chicken without the guilt of leaving anyone at home, plus you can work off that food baby afterwards with a stroll through the Botanics.



If you’re in the mood for some delicious, sustainable Scottish seafood, The Finnieston is the ideal spot, and it too is dog friendly.  Enjoy some of their famous oysters and a gin and tonic without worrying what new mischief your dog is getting up to back home.  Porter and Rye next door is also dog friendly if you’re in the mood for a steak, but for a more relaxed dog-in-restaurant experience I’d go with the Finnieston.  I can only imagine trying to keep Juno at bay while I tucked into a steak!

Make sure to check back in next month, when I’ll be sharing five of my favourite spots for lunch on the go!

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