What’s In My Trolley: March 2017

With the blog back in full swing, I thought I would relaunch one of my old features – What’s In My Trolley!  Each month I’ll be telling you what new foodie things I’ve been buying, from baking equipment to the best monthly food subscriptions, ingredients and more!  This month seems to be all about luxury and treating yourself, because why not?



This was one of those random, impulse buys that ended up being a real treat.  Not something you can buy everywhere, I discovered this jar of smoked chocolate chips in the Kilnford Farm Shop in Dumfries.  The chocolate is made by a small sweet shop in Kirkcudbright and was a limited edition flavour, which I used to make a batch of smoked chocolate brownies.  If you want to give it a go, the closest version of it I could find was this (rather pricey) smoked cocoa bean chocolate from Mast.



This is a great one for bacon lovers everywhere, and makes a long-lasting and delicious present.  Cure & Simple creates traditionally cured and flavoured bacon from free-range, outdoor living, happy pigs, and then delivers it straight to your door.  The flavours range from traditional unsmoked to Bourbon or Thai cured.  We have a pack of 8 rashers sent to us every two weeks and the bacon is always delicious – you can really tell the difference between this lovingly made bacon and the value stuff from the supermarket that shrinks as it cooks and leaks out water.  This bacon keeps its size and shape, emitting very little fat as it cooks.  Packs are £5.95 each but it’s so worth it, if you want to sign up, you can use this special referral code to get money off your first pack: 5M8GHC.


truffle oil.jpg

I spotted these guys at the BBC Good Food Show back in November, but it wasn’t until I stopped at the Partick Farmers Market last week I picked up a bottle of their Truffle Oil.  Made from cold pressed rapeseed oil for its health benefits, and infused with luxurious White Truffle, this oil adds a real punch to any dish.  I use it mostly on soup – a teaspoon of it swirled on top of cauliflower or mushroom soup just elevates a simple soup to a luxury lunch!  You can catch them at the Partick Farmers Market on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, or order online from their website.


ridic rich

Luxury handmade cakes delivered through your door?  Yes please!  These yummy morsels of cakey deliciousness are handmade by Alana Spencer (from The Apprentice) who owns the business, 50/50 with Lord Sugar.  I ordered the mixed box, which consists of six different cakes, and is priced at £12.99.  It’s steep, but its lovely to come home at the end of a busy day to a box of luxurious, handmade cake, isn’t it?  The Peanut Butter Fudge Cake was particularly delicious, and as the name suggests they are rich, so the box lasted me a whole week! Keep an eye out for her monthly specials as well with limited edition flavours.


That’s my trolley for March – what’s in yours?

Check in every month for my latest ‘What’s in my Trolley’ feature to get the latest recommendations in foodie products, baking equipment and more!

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