Review: Turnip & Enjoy

After recently rebranding and renaming, Enjoy Restaurant is now capturing a lot of media focus as Turnip & Enjoy – fine dining in a casual setting at the heart of the West End of Glasgow.  So, naturally, Sam and I decided to pop along last weekend to get a taste of their new seasonal menu.

Situated just opposite Lansdowne Crescent, the restaurant is quite small, but beautifully decorated in a chic, elegant style.  Large decorative chandeliers hang from the ceiling, with exposed brick walls and simple wooden tables, giving a real charm to the place.

We sat down and had a look at the menu, at which Sam didn’t seem very enthused, but decided to be adventurous and go for the Rabbit and Langoustine starter, while I opted for the Jerusalem artichoke soup, with pork dumplings and truffle oil, along with a bottle of Australian Shiraz between us.

The starters arrived pretty promptly, and both were beautifully presented.  My soup was smooth and creamy, with little explosions of truffle every time I hit a drop of the indulgent oil.  The pork dumplings in the centre of the soup were meaty and delicious, giving a hint of saltiness that the soup needed.  The dumplings I could have had ten more of, but I found the soup a little too creamy and in need of a good pinch of salt.

Artichoke Soup

For the main, I ordered the Beef Rib-Eye, with salt baked celeriac, charred asparagus and an ‘ox cheek and smoked oyster pie.’  I can’t stand oysters, but I thought I’d be adventurous, and the risk definitely paid off!  The rib eye was cooked just how I like it – medium rare – and the salt baked celeriac complimented it perfectly, along with the lovely, meaty jus the beef was swimming in.

The ‘pie’ looked more like a spring roll; a crisp, delicate roll of filo pastry filled with shredded ox cheek and I assume smoked oyster, although I certainly couldn’t taste it.  The ox cheek was very tender; it melted in the mouth and had bags of flavour.  The only thing about my plate I wasn’t a fan of was the spinach, which was a little too buttery for me.

Beef Rib EyeI was glad to find that despite his reservations, Sam absolutely loved his main course, which was the Almondine Crusted Cod, with jersey royals, crab and confit lemon.  The fish was perfectly cooked, flaky and soft, and the crumb gave it texture.  He even enjoyed the crab, which he always assumed he hated!

For dessert, because we couldn’t bring ourselves to share, we both ordered the Dark Chocolate Torte, with granola and salted caramel ice cream.  This, for me, was the highlight of the meal, but then I do have a serious sweet tooth!  Sticking out the top of the ice cream was a tuile of what I can only describe as white chocolate salted caramel.  I don’t know if such a thing is even possible, but that’s what it tasted like.  It cracked as soon as you bit into it, but then immediately turned into a chewy, toffee-like consistency that tasted of white chocolate, with a hint of salt.  It was stunning.  The ice cream was a perfect balance of salt and sweet, and it complimented the rich chocolate torte beautifully.  The granola turned out to be the base of the torte, which we both agreed didn’t quite work, as instead of being a crunchy or crumbly base, it became slightly chewy.  Nevertheless, the tart itself was rich, dark and delicious!

Chocolate Torte

It definitely seemed that with each course, the quality of the food got better and better.  My starter was fairly average, my main delicious and my dessert stunning.  I think if you are a lover of seafood, you’ll love Turnip & Enjoy, although if not, you could find yourself a little limited.  The staff are friendly and attentive, and the service was quick but didn’t feel rushed.  It’s not somewhere that I would absolutely rush back to, but it’s definitely somewhere I would recommend trying!

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