What’s In My Trolley: March 2015

How is it the end of March already?!  This year is absolutely flying by and Easter is coming fast – if only the weather would improve!

This month, it’s been all about trying new things, from natural moisturisers to making Choux Pastry for the first time!  Take a look at my top picks for March…


TahiniWhat is tahini?!  I hear you cry.  It’s basically a paste made from ground sesame seeds, and I love sesame seeds!  I bought a jar when I made Deliciously Ella’s ‘Cannelini Bean Stew’ recipe – which is delicious, and I think the tahini really helped, so I’ll definitely be using it again!


Goustoone of the most frustrating things about making dinner for 1 or 2 people is how frustrating it is when you only need a tablespoon of something and you have to buy an entire pack or jar of it.  This is where Gousto come in – you log in, pick 3 recipes, and they send out all the ingredients in the EXACT quantity you need, along with a simple, easy to follow recipe card.  I tried it out last month and was really impressed by the recipes and the quality of the ingredients sent to me.

Coconut Oil

Vita Coco Coconut Oil: people have been going crazy for raw, paleo diets and lifestyles, and a huge part of it is using coconut oil.  It can be used for cooking, but my favourite use for it is as a moisturiser.  Sounds weird, I know, but I have really dry skin and no moisturiser has worked that well for me.  I indulged in a tub of this, and a pea-sized amount of this stuff leaves my skin feeling soft.  It might be expensive, but you need so little that it lasts forever!

Slow cooker

Morphy Richards Slow CookerI’ve been wanting to buy a slow cooker for months, so when the pay cheque came through, I went for it.  I opted for a Morphy Richards 6.5 litre slow cooker, which is HUGE and is great for feeding a crowd, you just brown the meat, throw in your ingredients and leave it to cook while you go about your day!

Mango coulis

Tesco Finest Alphonso Mango Couliswhen I saw this on the shelf in Tesco, I just had to buy it, and then I had no idea what to do with it, so it sat in my cupboard for months.  Then, last week, I was trying to decide on a flavouring for my choux pastry experiment when I spotted the coulis at the back of the cupboard.  It made a lovely mango cream for me to fill my eclairs with and I’m definitely going to start using it more often.  It’s super sweet but also has a lovely burst of that delicious mango flavour!

That’s my trolley for March – what’s in yours?

Check in every month for my latest What’s in my Trolley feature for the latest recommendations in foodie products, baking equipment and more!

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