Review: The Hidden Lane Tea Room

On a dreary Saturday afternoon in Glasgow, what else is there to do but have tea and cake? That’s what my friends and I thought when we headed out to The Hidden Lane Tea Room last weekend!

The Hidden Lane Tea Room

We walked down the cobbled lane just off Argyle Street in Finnieston, and spotted the tiny tea room in the far left corner.  It’s quite well hidden and unless you were looking for it, you probably would never even spot it, but it’s definitely worth a second glance.  We walked in to find the tea room crammed, and a staff member told us there were no tables available except a small couch upstairs we could squeeze onto until something else became available.  We didn’t fancy going back out in the rain so we headed upstairs and sat down on the comfy wicker couch, perusing the menu.

The interior of the tea room is honestly adorable.  The mezzanine level we were sat on had a enough tables to seat around 10-15 people, while downstairs was divided into two rooms that sat around 20-25 people in total.  The style is very vintage, with old books, antiques and beautiful tea sets on every surface and shelf.  The whole place has an interior that feels like spring, with lots of floral prints, pastel tones and worn wood.


There are lots of different Afternoon Tea options so whether you just want a little bite, or you want to devour all three tiers, there’s something to suit everyone and prices start at just £6 each!  We decided to order the ‘Sweet Treats’ for three – Afternoon Tea without the savoury element, just pure, cakey goodness – along with a pot of Turkish Apple tea.  Before our drinks had even arrived, the waitress came to tell us there was a proper table available, so we moved downstairs to a table opposite the kitchen area, where we could watch the baking happening before our very eyes!  It was clear from this view that everything is made fresh in house, with batches of scones constantly going in and out of the oven.  It was quite fun watching them work, but they were clearly feeling the heat as the place was completely full.

Our tea arrived in a large vintage style tea pot, a set of miss-matching cups, which were adorable, and a couple of tea strainers.  The tea smelled fantastic and the strainer caught pieces of apple used to infuse it.  We also asked for some tap water, but I think they were so busy they forgot about it, as it never arrived!


Our three-tier cake stand arrived shortly after, carrying a layer of scones generously filled with jam and cream, and two upper tiers of cakes and sweet treats.  We decided to start at the bottom with the scones – I don’t usually like scones with raisins in, but these were so fresh and delicious.  In the middle was a coconut layer cake with a strawberry on top, which was nice but probably my least favourite of the selection.  My favourite was the piece of chocolate brownie on top which had fresh raspberries through it.  The chocolate was dark and rich, but the raspberries provided bursts of freshness.

Other cakes included a mini blueberry bakewell slice, another, super fudgy chocolate square and a little almond biscuit with glacé cherries.  For just £8 each, including the tea, this was a really good deal and the surroundings are just lovely.  It’s a really authentic Afternoon Tea experience where you know all the cakes and bakes are not mass produced, but baked in front of your eyes and cut & decorated by hand.  This makes the service a bit slower, but I think it’s worth the wait!  There’s an added bonus too of bringing your own bubbles, so you can pay a one-off corkage fee with Luxury Afternoon Tea with your own bottle of Prosecco or Champagne – perfect for celebrating!

So next time you fancy a spot of tea and cake, try The Hidden Lane Tea Room – it’s a great spot for Mother’s Day!

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