Review: Meat Bar

Happy Monday everyone!  I can’t quite believe it’s February already!  I decided to end my January with a lovely meal at one of my favourite spots in Glasgow – Meat Bar.

Meat Bar Exterior

We had booked a table but when we arrived it wasn’t quite ready yet, so we sat and ordered a drink at the bar.  I treated myself to a ‘French 142’ – a prosecco, lemon juice and gin cocktail which was very refreshing!  By the time my drink was made, our table was ready to we got seated and looked over the menus.

The décor in Meat Bar is one of my favourites in the city centre.  Hard wood floors and bar, brown leather seats and stools give the restaurant an American, slightly rustic, western feel, which matches the mixture of blues and country that gets played quietly.  The place has a great ambience and the smell coming from the in-house smoker is seriously hunger inducing.


We decided to start off by sharing a couple of starters – Crispy Pigs Cheeks and Beef Shin Croquettes.  I have to be honest, when the pigs cheeks arrived, they didn’t look particularly appetising, but they tasted fantastic.  The texture was similar to pulled pork, but a little firmer, and had bags of flavour, I was very reluctant to share it with Sam.  The beef shin croquettes were tasty but I felt they needed a little bit of salt.

For my main, after deliberating over about four different dishes I settled on the Pork Belly Ribs with quince & chilli glaze.  I must have not been paying attention as I missed the ‘belly’ part and thought I was getting a wrack, so when the huge pork belly slices were sat in front of me I was a little taken aback, but I love pork belly, so I got stuck in!

The meat was really tender and had great flavour, but the star here was the glaze.  The quince gave sweetness to balance out the chilli to make a perfectly heated, sticky glaze that I coated every bit of meat in.  I’m glad I opted for that instead of BBQ sauce.  Sam had ordered the ‘Meat Dog’ – a hot dog topped with pulled pork and crispy battered jalapeños.  I tried some of the pulled pork and immediately wished I had ordered it as my main because it was so smokey, tender and juicy.  Sam claimed the star was the crispy battered jalapeños, but I’m not a fan of jalapeños so I can’t comment on that!

To go along with our mains we ordered a portion of the Truffle and Parsley fries which, like always, were awesome.  They have just the right amount of truffle so it isn’t over powering, crisp on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside.

The only downside was that we had quite a long wait for our mains.  This wasn’t a big deal as neither of us were starving, more simply that we got more and more jealous as we watched everyone else’s food go by us!  On the plus side, the staff were very friendly, chatty and apologised for our delay.

For dessert, we decided to share their cheesecake of the day, which was Chocolate, Cherry & Almond.  I have to apologise for the half eaten picture, I was so keen to dive in I forgot to take a photo!  The cheesecake was topped with chopped cherries, while the chocolate sat just above the biscuit base, meaning you got a lovely hit of solid chocolate in every bite.  There was a bit of a fight over the last piece – and Sam doesn’t even like cherries!

The meal came to a pretty reasonable £59, considering that covered 2 courses each, 3 drinks each and a dessert.  The quality of the food is so high that the prices seem quite reasonable for what you get, plus your bill gets brought to you in adorable mini frying pans that I’d love to get my hands on!

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