Review: Bread Meats Bread

With so many new burger joints opening up across Glasgow, I’ve decided to pay tribute to a slightly older one – Bread Meats Bread.  Not exactly old by restaurant standards, but considering that three new burger chains have opened on the same street in recent months, it puts things into perspective.  I have technically written a review of Bread Meats Bread before in An Ode to Glasgow, but it’s about time I gave them their own little corner of The Glasgow Diet.

Bread Meats Bread is very much a go to restaurant for me when I want somewhere reliable, cheap and quick for lunch or dinner.  The service is great, with happy, helpful staff always available, and the food is even better.  Sam and I decided to drop in on Sunday, despite the insane weather, for our first visit of 2015.  We were lucky, the weather had quite clearly scared a lot of people off and the restaurant was relatively quiet, unlike your average Saturday night when there’s a queue out the door!  This though, is testament to how well the place is doing, and even when I’ve eaten there at peak times, I have never felt rushed or experienced a dip in the service.

I would normally always order the Pepperoni burger, which remains to this day my firm favourite, but I decided to go for something different and chose the Pepper Jack from the Black Label range.  The beef patty is topped with Brisket in Dr Pepper & Jack Daniels infused BBQ Sauce, Cheese and pickles – although I opted to drop the pickles.

The Pepper JackInside the Pepper Jack

We ordered a side of Sweet Potato Fries, which I just cannot get enough of, and awaited our food, full of hunger and anticipation.  We hadn’t even had breakfast yet so we were both starving – diets be damned, they start again today!

When my burger was placed in front of me, I have to admit I was a little bit intimidated – it was huge.  Piled high with delicious pulled beef brisket, I wasn’t entirely sure where to start!  The brisket was so tender and full of flavour, as was the patty, which was oozing with meaty juices.  The whole thing was held together by melted cheese and the odd hit of slightly sweet but tangy BBQ sauce.  My only criticism is I could have done with a touch more BBQ sauce – then again I’d rather have them go easy on it than have a burger completely drenched in the stuff, this way you can really taste all the meaty goodness!

The fries were, as always, delicious.  A lot of people claimed they were soggy and unimpressive when the restaurant first opened, but they worked hard to change that impression and now they are crispy little delights that a trip to Bread Meats Bread simply isn’t the same without.

Sweet Potato FriesBread Meats Bread Receipt

In terms of price, I’ve always found Bread Meats Bread to be pretty good value for money, with their burgers coming in between £6 and £10.  On this particular day, for two burgers, a side of fries and a beer, it cost us £24.50, which we were happy to pay based on the quality of the food and the service we received.  I was shocked actually when I realised that this was not much more than what we paid at Five Guys down the road, which is essentially a high quality take-away.

With so much competition around them, it’s great to see that Bread Meats Bread are still doing well, with talk of a new branch opening in the West End, which frankly, I can’t wait for!  Honestly, why go anywhere else?

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