Review: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

In America, Five Guys is almost an institution and it seems the trend is definitely catching.  With stores all across the UK, it seemed about time the chain opened its first Scottish site on the very street home to Bread Meats Bread and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.  That’s what I call bold.

Five Guys Burger

The reason Five Guys stands out from the crowd is that the set up is completely different to its competitors.  On entering the restaurant, you are given a piece of paper with an incredibly simple menu on it and a member of staff explains what’s going on.  You can choose from the Burger, which is two beef patties, or the Little Burger, which is one.  You can then add bacon, cheese at an extra cost, then a range of 15 toppings for FREE.

Very much fast food style, you place your order at a counter, get given an order number and then go stand in a queue to await your meal while you watch a team of what looked like about 15 chefs speed through the orders coming through.

I ordered myself a Little Bacon Cheeseburger, with grilled onions, lettuce and BBQ sauce, a soft drink (free refills, yay!) and shared a portion of regular Cajun Fries with my friend.  All this came to a total of about £10 which seemed like pretty decent value.

While waiting, I took in the crisp white and bright red surroundings, laid out in an American Diner style with reviews and quotes covering the walls, while boxes of peanuts sit against the walls, which you can help yourself to for free.  I decided to leave my friend to get our food orders and hop into the drinks queue while we waited – I had no idea about the huge decision that lay ahead of me!

The interactive soda dispenser had around 30 or more drinks options, including various flavours of Coke, Fanta and Sprite, from Raspberry to Grape to Vanilla, all of which also came in sugar free versions as well.  I was blown away – who even knew such flavours existed?!  Under pressure I ended up going for Diet Vanilla Coke, then heading back for a refill of Fanta Raspberry.

Our food only took around 10 or 15 minutes and so we headed upstairs with our iconic brown paper bags to find a table.  The burgers are served in tin foil, which, as soon as you unwrap, releases a wave of amazing smells – I couldn’t wait to dig in!

The burger itself was tender, juicy and tasty, the cheese was oozing and the bacon was as it should be – crispy!  I tried to eat it as slow as possible so I could make it last but it was all over too soon.  Part of me honestly considered going back and ordering another!  The Cajun Fries were heroes as well and had a real kick to them.  They were covered in Cajun seasoning which was flavoursome and spicy – I recommend you avoid them if you’re not a big fan of heat!

I don’t doubt that Five Guys will do extremely well in it’s spot on St Vincent Street, despite the heavy competition, and with plans to open up restaurants in Silverburn and Edinburgh, they certainly show no signs of slowing down.  It provides a different way of dining – it’s high quality fast food that is small on cost and big on flavour and makes a great stop off when you need a break from a day of shopping in town.  The staff were helpful and welcoming, the food delicious and the value for money pretty good – I know that I will definitely be back and this time I won’t be ordering the Little Burger!

As always, my reviews are about sharing my opinions, thoughts and ideas with the world, and I’m just one person, but if you can’t trust my review, I know you’ll trust this guy:

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