Review: Topolabamba

This past week has been an absolutely horrendous one.  I moved into a flat with no freezer, microwave, cooking utensils or crockery, found out the cooker didn’t work and lost a passport.  Safe to say it’s not been my best week ever and because of that I’ve been somewhat neglecting my blog, but I’m back!

Last night I finally managed to take a trip to Topolabamba, the new Mexican restaurant which opened up opposite Bread Meats Bread.  I love Mexican food so I was pretty excited about stuffing my face with taquitos while sipping on a margarita, which is essentially, exactly what I did.

The décor inside the restaurant is really natural and warming, with wooden benches and tables, leather seats and multi coloured lights to give it that cantina feel – as well as the Mexican music playing lightly in the background!

We were showed to our seats and asked if we had ever eaten there before – which we hadn’t.  Our friendly and generally lovely waiter then went through the menu with us, explaining that it was a tapas style way of eating, with dishes coming out as and when they are ready.  We ordered some Passion fruit and Cream Coconut margaritas and tried desperately to decide which dishes to choose.

Naturally, we picked some Barbacoa Beef Taquitos, because taquitos are the best, along with some Smoked Chicken and Oaxana Onion Quesadillas, Smokey Stuffed Pepper and some Salt & Chilli Pepper fries.

Barbacoa Beef TaquitosSalt & Chilli Pepper Fries

Minutes after we had ordered, the taquitos arrived at our table and we dug straight in.  The menu claimed that these were meant to be quite hot, but I didn’t find the heat very overpowering.  The crumbly cheese and crema really complimented the flavour of the super tender, shredded beef.  The taco good and crunchy, but I could have done with a bigger kick of heat.

While we were munching away on our taquitos, our quesadillas arrived looking similarly delicious.  The chicken inside had a great smokey flavour and the ‘oaxana’ onions (whatever that means) had a hint of vinegar to them but there was a balance in the filling that made it all come together.

The Salt & Chilli Pepper fries were delicious – a little hint of chilli, plenty of salt and ridiculously moreish.  The final dish to arrive was the Smokey Stuffed Pepper which we were both curious about as part of the stuffing was cactus.  I don’t know if it was the cactus, but the filling was probably the most flavoursome and tasty of them all.  It was smokey, spicy, tangy, and sweet – all the things Mexican food should be!   Plus it came in an adorable mini skillet pan which I just loved.

Smoked Chicken & Oaxana Onion QuesadillaSmokey Stuffed Pepper

We debated about ordering more savoury dishes but instead opted for a sweet each.  I went for the Mexican Chocolate Cup which the waiter explained was made with a dark, bitter Mexican chilli chocolate – all of which sounded perfect to me; I think chocolate and chilli is a really great combination.

The cup was, as expected, really rich, thick, creamy and delicious.  Like the taquitos however, the chilli didn’t have much punch and it was just a very slight tingle.  I only managed to eat around half of it because it was so rich, which I was quite upset about because I was enjoying it so much!

Mexican Chocolate Cup

Our bill came to around £36 which seemed very reasonable for 3 dishes, one side, 2 desserts and 2 cocktails.  The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, the food delicious, the atmosphere and the décor great, and the value for money good.  I’m really happy that there is now a good quality, authentic Mexican restaurant in the centre of Glasgow now, but I reckon they could do with kicking the heat up just a notch or two for people like me who like a good hit of chilli.

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