Review: The Crafty Pig

When I heard there was a place in Glasgow serving burgers inside doughnuts, I knew I had to check it out.  That place is The Crafty Pig.  It is located on Great Western Road just a few doors away from the newly opened BRGR.  With so many smokehouses and burger joints popping up, it’s getting harder and harder for them to stand out from the crowd – so why not replace the bun with a doughnut?!

The Crafty Pig

On arrival, I loved the decor and the whole feel of the place, and there was a ridiculously well-stocked fridge behind the bar full of every craft beer you can think of.  We took a seat, unsure of whether this was a table-service or order at the bar scenario.

Eventually Sam went to grab a menu and we were told it was table service.  Unfortunately, as we were both fresh off a night of cocktails at Metropolitan, neither of us felt we could stomach the infamous Doughnut Burger.  In the end, I went for the Rib Roll – pulled rib meat with crispy onions and ‘stick fingers BBQ sauce.’  I’ve never seen rib meat in a roll like that so I was keen to give it a try.

The Crafty Pig MenusSpiced Scratchings

We planned on ordering a side of Bacon Popcorn because, really, who wouldn’t?  Turns out there was none – they made the popcorn but forgot to put in the bacon flavouring.  Damn.  We opted for some Spiced Scratchings instead.

The scratchings arrived with our drinks in a cute little blue cup.  They were really crunchy, perfect pork scratchings but they didn’t taste very ‘spiced’ as the menu suggested.  Every now and then one of us would get a hint of paprika or pepper, but mostly they just tasted like normal pork, which was fine, but not what the menu claimed.

The Rib Roll looked great inside, the meat was covered in the glossy BBQ sauce which smelled fantastic, the onions looked crisp to the point of being almost burnt, which I personally love, my only confusion was garnish.  It looked like coleslaw but without the mayo/dressing, it was just shredded carrot, white cabbage and red onion, dry and raw.  I didn’t get it at all and would have happily gone without.

Rib RollRib Roll

The meat itself was so tender and full of that smokey, BBQ flavour.  It fell apart and I loved how totally unique it was – I could eat ribs without getting in a big mess and gnawing on bones.  I think Sam was a little disappointed he hadn’t gone for something more exciting as he just went for a plain cheese and bacon burger but the burger itself was quite small and thin, and the cheese was the slices of plastic cheese you buy for your kids at a BBQ, which I found really surprising.  It made me more grateful of my Rib Roll!

My experience of The Crafty Pig was a good one apart from the random, dry coleslaw on my roll, but I can forgive that because of how tasty the BBQ sauce and rib meat was.  Sam’s experience left him feeling slightly disappointed, although the bacon on his burger was very tasty.  In terms of value for money, this is a great place to grab a quick bite.  With burgers starting at £5.75, its super cheap and will leave you with a full stomach.

It’s the perfect stop off for students and is in the best location for it, being just a short walk from the University.  If I still lived nearby, it’s definitely a place I would revisit for a cheap, hassle-free meal.

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