Review: The Anchor Line

This weekend saw the first few days’ service of new restaurant, The Anchor Line, in Glasgow. The restaurant, owned by Di Maggio’s, opened its doors on Thursday 25th of September, boasting a “prohibition era” theme.

Anchor Line BarThe Anchor Line ExteriorThe Anchor Line Interior

The building’s exterior is stunning and on entering through the front doors, the experience becomes even more immersive. A large, square bar stands in the centre of the front room, with marble walls and red leather stools surrounding it. There is a live piano player, a brilliant touch which adds to the entire experience. On the walls are posters, news clippings, photographs and postcards from Anchor Line Ltd, established back in 1838, which offered services from New York to Glasgow.

The staff were very polite and took us through to the restaurant where we were seated and left to look over the menus. I was in awe and in love with the decor and the overall sense of grandeur the place had. The beauty and, well, classiness of the place was reflected in the prices on the menu. We decided to embrace it and treat ourselves to steak.

We ordered wine and some bread to nibble on, which was lovely – the sourdough was particularly good – then placed our steak orders. I went for the sirloin steak, medium rare, with skinny fries and peppercorn sauce while Sam went all out and ordered the T-Bone, rare.

Sirlion Steak, The Anchor Line

After a very short wait, our steaks arrived. The presentation was incredibly simple – steak on a plate. No garnish, no gimmicks, just the steak and the sauce. It was kind of brilliant in its simplicity. When I cut into the steak however, I was quite disappointed. The steak was cooked medium-well, pretty far from medium-rare. I considered sending the steak back as it wasn’t what I ordered, but the fact that it was over as opposed to under meant the steak would go to waste and I would have to wait for another to be cooked.

The middle of the steak, where it was still good and pink, was tender and the meat was full of flavour, I just wish it had been cooked the way I liked it. I have to admit, when I saw a plate of the St Louis Ribs passing the table, I wished I had gone for them instead. Sam on the other hand was delighted, his T-Bone was cooked exactly the way he liked it – perfectly rare. The peppercorn sauce was creamy, peppery and just yummy, while the skinny chips re-defined the meaning of the word skinny! On appearance, they looked pale, but tasting them, they were perfectly crisp and very tasty. I loved them.

Skinny Chips

After my slightly troublesome main, I decided I needed (and wanted) a dessert before passing judgement. I went for the Blackberry Posset which came with Vanilla Shortbread while Sam went for the cheeseboard. The presentation of my dessert was beautiful; I loved the look of the dish and was eager to dig in. The posset was light and fruity, sweet but with a nice hit of sourness from the berries, while the shortbread was literally melt in the mouth. It was a winning dessert.

Blackberry PossetCheese Board

The bill came to a hefty £89 – not cheap, but considering Sam’s 16oz T-Bone cost £30 on its own, not surprising. We had both gone for steak so it was bound to be expensive, not to mention a glass of wine and a dessert each. My steak may have been over done, but every other part of my meal was perfect and the service was fantastic. I’ll put it down to opening weekend nerves – there are always kinks to be worked out right after a restaurant opens! I would definitely go back to The Anchor Line; I loved the decor, the piano player, all of it. Next time I’ll be getting the ribs and one of those delicious looking cocktails!

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