Review: Cottonrake Bakery

I’ve been meaning to create a post about Cottonrake ever since I discovered it back when it was situated in Partick.  A tiny little artisan bakery with stunning produce, it’s no wonder they branched out!


The bakery is now situated on busy Great Western Road and is at least twice the size of their original store – a testament to their growth over the past year.  The new store has a sit in option which would have been impossible in Partick, and I decided to pop in to see how the new store was faring.


As you can see, their cabinet was filled with the usual gorgeous looking treats I expected from Cottonrake and I decided to sit in and enjoy!  I ordered a pork shoulder sausage roll and a chocolate and raspberry tart – it was Saturday after all, only fair to treat myself!  I went to pay and was, to be honest, a little shocked by the price.  I knew that the items were a bit more expensive than your average Greggs but I discovered there was a 30p charge for every item if you choose to sit in.  This added an extra £1.20 to the cost for my partner and I – a little steep, perhaps?


Nevertheless, we sat down to enjoy our delicious looking treats, starting with the sausage roll.  The pastry was perfect, crisp and golden brown and sprinkled with herbs.  The meat inside was flavoursome but alas, a little bit dry.  I got to try a bit of the pork shoulder and black pudding sausage roll which actually I ended up prefering.  It had much more flavour and a gorgeous colour to it.


What I was really looking forward to though was my stunning chocolate and raspberry tart and it did not disappoint.  The little meringue peaks on top were a fluffy marshmallow texture, the chocolate filling was perfectly rich, and then underneath, a layer of raspberry coulis to cut through all that thick chocolate.  It was heavenly, and honestly, I could have eaten one double the size.

Everything in that bakery was calling for me to try it, buy it, take it home.  Their selection of freshly baked breads looked wonderful, and their brownies made me salivate.  I would definitely recommend trying Cottonrake but I would advise you to take away.  Don’t pay 30p per item extra to sit in a slightly cramped space – although this was due to the fact that it was a Saturday morning and people were rushing in to buy bread and other treats.


If you want great quality baking, then Cottonrake is certainly worth a visit, but be prepared to pay for that quality, which frankly, seems only fair.  I’ll be saving up my pennies before my next trip back!

Their website is available here, but you’ll find more information and mouth-watering photos on their facebook page here.

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